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Divorce Recovery

Divorce Recovery is a program designed to help individuals and their children through many of the issues associated with divorce. Whether you are separated, newly divorced, or divorced many years, this program is designed to meet you where you are, learn from where you have been, and help you get where you need to go.

Divorce is a difficult subject – for the individuals involved, for their friends and family, for counselors, for everyone. No one can really understand how difficult until they experience it personally. This course was developed by the founder of Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants after experiencing the devastation first hand. Recognizing the need to communicate the strength and support showed to her from friends and family, she developed this course to support people going through the same tumultuous life circumstances.

Evolving over the last decade, the Rebuilding your Life after Divorce series shares the same principles that have led to positive changes in countless lives going through the same pain. There are many ways to grieve and many ways to heal. This program will help you through those difficult processes every step of the way.

Divorce Recovery Topics:

Designing a BLUEPRINT for the process of reconstruction
How to manage ANGER effectively
Examining & repairing the foundation of SELF-ESTEEM
Rebuilding the framework by setting healthy BOUNDARIES
Successful single PARENTING
FORGIVENESS comes with a lifetime warranty
A closer look at key elements of highly effective RELATIONSHIPS
Sharing the fruits of your labor in HEALTHIER, more meaningful RELATIONSHIPS

Divorce Recovery Course DVDs and Materials for purchase in our Resources section.

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