Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants
Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants

Targeted Nutrition Therapy for Wellness & Weight Loss

Tired of food cravings & fad diets?

This fall, join us for a unique approach to combatting stubborn body fat and managing food cravings. We’ll conduct body composition analysis (i.e., how much body fat, lean muscle, and cellular fluids your body has) and then create an individual plan to target your wellness and weight loss goals. Maybe you’re doubtful anything will ever help you in your quest. We get it. Yet, with targeted nutrition therapy that’s based upon your body’s current status and needs, you’re likely to have results in many areas:

  • Improved body composition (less body fat, more lean mass)
  • Healthier cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Better sleep and increased energy
  • Management of emotional eating

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