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The Building of Balance

By: Julie Summers, M.A., LPC and Annie Higgins, M.A., LPC

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Do you ever feel like you are spinning out of control, as if operating on auto-pilot? In the therapy office we often hear things like, “I just want balance in my life!”

It is helpful to think about building a balanced life, rather than achieving balance. Just as building a house is a work in progress, because it requires ongoing maintenance and occasional remodeling, so is building a balanced life. Balance is not a final destination where we arrive and are finished; rather it is a journey. Building balance requires a willingness to look in the mirror, ask tough questions, and adjust our behavior to meet new or different life circumstances.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you endeavor to build balance:

  1. Stay present. It is not helpful to worry about the past or fret about tomorrow. Try to understand what is truly under your control at this moment – that is where you can begin to make changes.
  2. Assess your priorities. Take the time to decide what is most valuable to you and schedule activities in those areas first. Some examples may include: family, spirituality, emotional health, physical health, personal growth, relationships, nature, etc.
  3. Clear the clutter. If something on your usual to do list does not make it into your top priorities, it is probably not highly valuable to you. Ask yourself why you continue to do these activities if they do not line up with what you value the most. This is a good time to cross some things off the list that do not add value to your life.
  4. Set boundaries. Once you understand the things you are trying to balance, you will have a better idea of the kinds of things you want to say “yes” to and the kind of things you need to say “no” to in the future. There will always be opportunities to add to your daily tasks, make sure you only add those that are consistent with your values.
  5. Nurture loving relationships with yourself and others. Every individual has an innate need to love and be loved. The ability to love others begins with your ability to love and accept yourself, imperfections and all!

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