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All-in-One Applications is a Houston-based company that offers experts college admissions guidance to high school students. For the last four years, All-in-One Applications has conducted workshops in Houston to help rising seniors complete their college applications over the summer, eliminating application conflict among parents and students and paving the way to a stress-free senior year. During the course of the five-day workshops, students complete three admissions essays, one professional resume, and one letter of thanks to potential recommenders. After the college applications are released on August 1, students meet once again to transfer all written information to the applications. When the first day of school rolls around, students approach their counselors and registrars with confidence to request transcripts and other documents. Through its private workshops at the Houstonian Club and Heritage Behavioral Center and its partnerships with the City of Houston, KIPP Houston High School and Houston ISD, All-in-One has a track record of success, with hundreds of acceptances and over $1 million in scholarship offers.

This summer’s schedule is as follows:

The Houstonian Club

Writing Class:
June 27-July 1, 10:30-1:30
July 11-July 15, 10:30-1:30

Application Completion Session:
August 10, 10:30-12:30

Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants Office

Writing Class:
July 18-July 22, 10:30-1:30
August 1-August 5, 10:30-1:30

Application Completion Session:
August 9, 10:30-12:30


15-hr writing class: $600 (5 students max)
2-hr application session: $150 (10 students max)

If you would like to enroll your child in a summer class, please visit www.allin1apps.com, or call (713) 405-1193.

Contact Information

1325 Campbell Rd
Houston TX 77055
Phone: 713-365-9015
Fax: 713-365-0632