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Feeding the Kids Workshops

Raising Happy, Healthy Eaters

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Are you ready to transform your children’s eating habits? During this 7-week workshop series for parents and caregivers, you will learn easy ways to select and prepare the healthiest foods while making eating together a joyful experience for your family.

Imagine your children loving healthy foods! This is possible when you know how to:

  • Help your picky eaters accept more foods.
  • Find the most nutritious foods for kids.
  • Make favorite foods healthier.
  • Handle junk food in a positive way.
  • Plan healthy, kid-friendly menus for meals and snacks.
  • Teach your children to eat the correct amount of foods for their bodies.
  • Gradually add in nutritious foods without mealtime fights or added stress.
  • Create healthy habits and eating routines that will last a lifetime.

Please join us for this practical, upbeat course…your kids are worth it!

Based on the award-winning book, Feeding the Kids: The Flexible, No-Battles Healthy Eating System for the Whole Family by Pamela Gould and Eleanor P. Taylor, RN with Dr. Katherine Cason, RD

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Eating Behaviors
  • Fruit Adventures
  • Exploring Vegetables
  • Navigating Dairy Foods
  • Tracking Down Whole Grains
  • Hunting for Smart Proteins
  • Escaping from Empty (Junk) Food

Workshop Information…Space is limited, so register soon.

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