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A Note From Julie

Welcome to 2012

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Quote of the Month:  "Man! 2011 has been a TOUGH year."  If this seems to be thematic for your past year, apparently, you are not alone.  We've heard it quite a bit around our place over the last couple months. What do you say we embark upon 2012 with a renewed focus on who we are and what we value? That's going to be our emphasis over the next few newsletters.  

A few general thoughts as we continue our journey together:

  • Celebrate each day INTENTIONALLY.
  • Invest in your relationships INTENTIONALLY.
  • Find new ways to INTENTIONALLY invest in the world around you.
  • Connection begins with a simple INTENTIONAL gesture. Take a risk and reach out.
  • Seek balance through mindful, INTENTIONAL choices.
  • Technology keeps you "connected"; but it's no substitute for INTENTIONAL (real) presence. Dare to go "unplugged" periodically!

Stick with us!   Accept that living life to the fullest doesn't mean going faster…it may have something to do with living life more INTENTIONALLY.  

Looking forward to continued growth in 2012!

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