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Liberate Yourself from College Admissions Stress

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Peace of mind comes with completed college applications, so let’s finish them this summer. If you haven’t heard, the ApplyTexas application is released in preview form on July 1. Same goes for the Common App! That means you can plan your college apps down to the letter and be ready to fill them in on August 1, the first possible submission day. If you’re stumped and want some assistance, please check out the Crash Courses offered by All-in-One Academics on AllinOneAcademics.com. They’ll help you write all of your essays and craft a perfect resume in a one-week period, setting you up for college admissions success and a stress-free senior year.

Freedom from Testing Woes: Are you a senior who needs extended time?

Many students have a hard time performing to the best of their abilities in the standard time allotted on the SAT and ACT. For a variety of reasons, they actively need accommodations. In quite a few cases, students don’t realize the extent of that need until the end of junior year - or even later. If you think you need extended time, don’t wait until senior year to get that paperwork underway. Now is the time to evaluate your requirements to see if you have a compelling case. Please contact Heritage for information on evaluative testing.

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