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A Note From Jules

By Julie Summers, M.A., L.P.C.-S.

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Summer has evaporated, college kids are packing their trunks, the "boys of fall" are well into two-a-days, and the frenzy of tax-free weekend has come and gone.

I suspect the back-to-school traditions that many of us have incorporated (or not) into our lives over the years, exacerbates the frenetic activity of starting the new school year.

Dare we consider establishing a new tradition that includes a more peaceful entrée into the new school year? Whether you choose something as practical as beginning morning and bedtime routines a couple weeks before the big first day, or something memorable like taking the first day and/or last day of each grade pictures, the transition from sizzling summer to happy, golden school days is sure to be spectacular.

After learning that I would have only saved 8.25% on items costing less than $100 this past weekend, I am so thankful that I spared myself dodging mini vans and SUVs, flailing shopping bags, and screaming children and decided to go to the country instead.

Have a great one!

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