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A Note From Jules

By Julie Summers, M.A., L.P.C.-S.

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Are you ready? How will you make 2014 your best year yet? Will you allow FEAR to get in your way? Or will you declare that:

2014 is the YEAR of NO FEAR!

Regardless of the circumstances facing us, we all have the option of running from opportunities or trusting ourselves and going for it. That would require a declaration that we will no longer allow fear to cut off the flow of abundant and positive energy in our lives. No longer would fear paralyze. Instead of FEAR, there would be FAITH.

Let this be the year of choosing to be bold in actions and faith, while being humble in spirit. Let this become our daily ritual – to remind ourselves to follow our passion, live each day to the fullest, surrender the small stuff, and stay one step ahead of those things that cause us to DOUBT.

There’s a reason it’s called a “leap of faith”. Why not look at this New Year as representing a fresh start to jump in with all that you are and focus on all that you wish to become?

If you are wondering how to “jump”, consider this…
  • Know you can’t do it alone.
  • Act as though your future depends on you.
  • Pray like your future depends on God.
  • Make the leap in your mind first, and then with your actions.
  • Leap BOLDLY, with trust, determination, and FAITH.

May God richly bless you throughout this year!

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