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A Note From Jules

By Julie Summers, M.A., L.P.C.-S.

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“Let It GO!”

Is there a project or a relationship that you’ve been hanging on to so tightly that it is causing you to lose your balance? Perhaps it’s an old familiar habit, a deeply held belief about yourself, a recurring, intrusive thought or even an unhelpful attitude that gets in the way of you becoming your best self.

A large part of the work that I do seems to involve the common theme of helping others to “Let It Go”. Sometimes letting go is easy. Other times, it’s easier said than done. When I think of letting go, I’m reminded of a scene from one of the Indiana Jones movies where Indiana finally reaches the precipice. After numerous adventures and trials – Indiana is about to grasp the treasured item that he and his father have been searching for. From a different angle, his father realizes if Indiana retrieves the grail, he will lose his balance and fall into the pit below. Just as Indiana is about to lift up the prize, his father whispers: “let it go.” Anguish is written all over Indiana’s face. You can just imagine his thoughts: “Have we come all this way for nothing?”, “Can’t I finally have the treasure we’ve been searching for?”, “What if my dad is disappointed?” Silence. Then, his father takes his arm and with a firmer tone says: “Indiana, let it go.” After the initial gasp around the un–Indiana, un–Hollywood–like response, the audience begins to realize that the journey wasn’t at all about getting the grail. It was about the journey—spending time TOGETHER, facing all kinds of heartaches (even death) TOGETHER—and emerging on the other side with a stronger relationship.

I wonder how many times we have focused so much on getting the prize that we’ve lost our balance and ended up in the pit? If, indeed, you heard the still, small whisper to “let it go”, would you? And if you did, what might you have gained on the journey that was the real prize?



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