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New Groups for Back-to-School

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New groups start in October and will run through the week of December 15th

A new school year has begun. New teachers, new friends, new sports, and new (more intense) school projects have officially been thrust upon us. Are you feeling stressed out yet? Just imagine how your child feels! Learning the layout of a new classroom and the name of a new Mrs. Something–Or–Other, trying to remember how to make friends, and feeling a little jealous of some other kid’s stellar handwriting all while trying not to lose it because the drink in your lunch box just leaked all over the new binder is STRESSFUL. But maybe you have a teenager who seems cool as a cucumber. Let me be the first (or tenth) to tell you: the first days of school don’t get any easier. A whole new crop of issues arise. Instead of being upset that your juice box leaked, teens are worried about where they are going to sit in the lunch room, tryouts for football, lacrosse, and cross-country, and the 10 page paper they have due next week for AP History. Not to mention the pressure that our society has put on weight, clothing, money, and the meaning of perfection. A group setting in which your child can grow and learn through not only the guidance of a facilitator, but also through fellowship with peers, has proven to be a successful means of attaining open communication and positive change. Beginning in October and running through December, Heritage Behavioral will be host to a number of new therapy groups focusing on a myriad of issues. Each of these groups will be on–going and open to new comers throughout the semester. Each group is led by Allie Sauls, M.A., L.P.C.– Intern who is under supervision by Julie Summers, M.A., L.P.C.–S. To join one of our groups, you can contact our office at (713) 365–9015 or email Allie directly at asauls@heritagebehavioral.com.

For Kindergarten and 1st grade: Because our Kindergarten Boot Camp was so successful, we have decided to continue the great work done by our little ones through our new social skills group! This group will be focused on developing the social skills needed to succeed in the classroom environment. By concentrating on topics like emotional regulation, impulse control, and boundaries, your child will learn to excel and flourish in his or her own way.

For 6th, 7th, and 8th graders: This group is specifically tailored to help guide your child through the labyrinth that is middle school. We know that there is so much more to your child’s world than where they sit in the lunch room, awkward school pictures, and Dance Club practice. We’ll provide a safe and entertaining place to talk about peer interactions and family relationships, how to juggle school along with extracurricular activities, and how to truly be satisfied with who they are.

For 9th and 10th graders: Our beginners guide to surviving the high school years. The first couple of years of high school are a defining moment for a teen itching for independence. Whether your teen is acting out or stressing out, this group will bring students together in an open and safe atmosphere where both straight–talk and change–talk are encouraged. This open–topic group of both boys and girls will focus on forming solid identities, developing a strong self–esteem, healthy and “cool” ways of avoiding peer pressure, and managing class projects and extracurricular activities.

For 11th and 12th graders: High school – been there, done that: what now? Our group for juniors and seniors will allow your high schoolers to understand that they are not alone in whatever they may be facing. We will discuss everything from college essays, applications, and SATs, to peer pressure and drug/alcohol abuse. During our sessions, your teen will not only be able to gain healthy insight from other students, but also develop healthy coping mechanisms and communication skills.

For 11th and 12th grade girls: It’s an all–girls group focused on some girlie and some not–so–girlie issues. We will create a safe atmosphere for girls on the verge of graduation to talk about self–esteem, perfection, identity, boys, sex, eating, and how to get all our values in order before moving off to some college dorm.


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