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Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants


Family & Group

At Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants, we are uniquely qualified to treat families and groups. Because of our diverse staff of therapists, it is possible to find the right fit for almost everyone. Whether the family or group therapy will be as a group or as a group of individuals, your needs will be met. Many times we begin to treat an individual only to learn that there are deeper needs that must be met with the whole family or some group that helps shape the individual’s identity.

Our process is almost identical to that of individual therapy. We work with the client (in this case the group) to determine a series of long term goals that will aid in resolving target problems. To effectively reach these long-term goals, a variety of short-term objectives are determined. Each objective should be thought of as a step toward achievement of the long-term treatment goal.

Our therapists are trained and have extensive experience dealing with the individual and family/group dynamic to ensure the end result is healthier individuals comprising a healthier family/group.