Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants
Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants



Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants offers specialized group counseling specific to certain situatiolns. Please complete the form at the bottom of this page if you're interested in attending any of our groups or would like additional information.

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Life Changes Group — A counseling and support group that will help you manage and cope with chronic illness.

Divorce Recovery — A class designed to help individuals and their children through many of the issues associated with divorce.


Feeding the Kids Workshop — A one day workshop providing parents with easy to use information on selecting and serving healthy foods, while maintaining a happy atmosphere at the table.

Targeted Nutrition Therapy for Wellness & Weight Loss — A unique approach to combatting stubborn body fat and managing food cravings.

For Parents

New Mommies Group — A counseling and support group for new mothers with babies from 0 – 36 months old.

Prenatal Couples Workshop — This workshop will give you, as a couple, information about the types of obstacles to expect during pregnancy and how to manage them.

For Kids

Kindergarten Boot Camp — A program to prepare your child for one of their biggest childhood transitions.

Little All Stars — Social skills and self-confidence building group for ages 4-7 years.

Girl Talk — A support / discussion group for 7th and 8th grade girls.

Junior High Processing — A processing group focused on self concept, confidence, and emotional awareness for junior high boys and girls.