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The clinicians at Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants, Inc. have had great success with a step-by-step approach to therapy. First, the client will meet with the clinician to discuss a variety of issues so that the clinician can determine the most significant problems on which to focus. We work to determine the deepest roots of the problems to be addressed. As the primary concerns become clear to the clinician, the opinions of the client are included in order to prioritize the issues for which help is being sought.

The clinician will then work with the client in order to set goals that lead to resolution of the targeted problem. These goals are usually fairly long term and indicate the desired positive outcome to the treatment process. To effectively reach these long-term goals, a variety of short-term objectives are determined. Each objective should be thought of as a step toward achievement of the long-term treatment goal.

The next step in the therapy process is for the clinician to make professional decisions about interventions that are designed to help the client reach his or her individual objectives. These interventions are based on the needs of the particular client and all of the clinician's therapeutic options. Our clinicians have a variety of approaches to choose from because of our extensive experience. All are combined with the in-depth training and vast experience of each of our clinicians. The result of this process is a healthy, focused, enlightened client.