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Rebuilding Your Life From the Inside Out

Heritage is proud to offer the Rebuilding Your Life Series. These series are standalone sets of seminars and workbooks that allow you to “Rebuild your life from the inside out”. Many lives are rocked by catastrophic events, some brought on by ourselves, others cast upon us. In any event, it is our job to rebuild stronger, but different than before.

Our current offering is “Rebuilding Your Life after Divorce”. We will be adding to this series over time. If you see a topic that is important to you, or if you see that an important topic is missing, please contact us for assistance. As the seminars become available, we will post upcoming events on our website under “UPCOMING EVENTS” and we will make the seminars and materials available for purchase under the “RESOURCES” section.

Available Now:

Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

“Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce” is currently available at Second Baptist Church. For more dates, please see: Divorce Recovery

More to come on “Rebuilding Your Life From the Inside Out”