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Speaking Engagements

The counselors at Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants are always available for seminars and speaking engagements. We often video our seminars and make them available in the Resource section of our website.

Below is a brief example of past speaking engagement topics. We can tailor our seminars to your specific group.

Men's and Women's Issues

Conflict Resolution
Managing and Coping with Anger
Assertiveness Training
Establishing Healthy Boundaries
Father's Absence: Effects on Kids
Women Who Love Too Much
Eating Disorders and Body Image

Parenting and Family Issues

Blended Families
What My Parents Did Right
Adolescent and Childhood Discipline
Communicating with Your Kids
Effective Parenting
How to Listen So Your Kids Will Talk
Normal vs. Abnormal Behavior
Family Dynamics
Functional vs. Dysfunctional Families

Couples Issues

Divorce Recovery
Finding a Mate
Enhance Your Marital Happiness

Professional Development

Power Struggles
Understanding Your Personality Style
Corporate Communication
The Cost of Perfectionism
Workplace Issues

Sport Psychology

What is Sport Psychology?
Developing Mental Toughness
Controlling Fear and Anxiety
Positive Thinking and Self-Confidence
Maintaining Focus and Concentration
The Complete Mental Package
Using Pressure to Your Advantage
Psyching Up vs. Psyching Out

Popular Topics

Building Self-Confidence
Dealing with Substance Abuse
Do I Need Counseling?
Loss and the Grieving Process
Six Things All Kids Need
Stress Management
Productive Relationships