Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants
Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants


Sport Psychology

Our sport psychology clinicians take on a number of roles. Most often we are hired to teach performance enhancement techniques such as anxiety control and learning to maintain mental focus. We develop appropriate practice regimens, help develop overall mental toughness and increase self-confidence.

We utilize sport psychological assessment tools. These are a battery of tests that allow us to answer certain questions about an athlete's mental make-up in order to improve performance or simply shed some light on his or her mental capabilities in sport.

Sport psychology is also used as a method to improve communication between an athlete and coach, between coaches, or between teammates. The purpose of this mediation is often to improve practices and team cohesion, thus improving team and individual performance. Along the same line, the sport psychology clinician can provide sport crisis intervention services such as helping an athlete work through a slump, a particular performance problem, or mentally recover from an injury.

The Heritage Sport Psychology Division is composed of three basic levels of treatment.

  • The Children's Level - focusing on building self-confidence and self-esteem through sport and making youth sport a positive, constructive experience.
  • The Recreational Athlete Level - geared toward athletes who want to improve sport performance in order to increase their own level of enjoyment, win a club championship, or play at the highest recreational level possible.
  • The Competitive Athlete Level - an intense performance enhancement program designed to teach cutting edge mental strategies to athletes from the promising high school level to the elite professional and Olympic athlete.

Our program offers services to individuals, teams, and sport specific groups of children or adults. We offer speaking engagements, provide presentations or conduct seminars for sports leagues, parents, coaches, booster clubs, or other groups.