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Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants

Ana Ince

M.Ed., LPC

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Ana appreciates the strength and vulnerability it takes to seek professional help. Her goal as your therapist is to equip you and collaborate with you through the healing process. She approaches therapy from a Cognitive Behavioral perspective with consideration to family systems and interpersonal relationships. Ana graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Education in Counseling. Ana provides individual psychotherapy for children, adolescents, adults and couples, as well as group psychotherapy for adults.

Ana’s therapeutic focus is on Anxiety, Trauma from physical, emotional, verbal or sexual abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Specific Phobias, Agoraphobia, Depression, Grief, Shame, Low Self–Esteem, Spirituality and Marital concerns. Ana is also a certified Prepare–Enrich facilitator for Pre–Marital counseling.

The groups Ana facilitates:

Survivors Group: This group meets for 12 sessions and is for adult women with a history of childhood sexual abuse. In a safe and confidential environment, Ana will address the effect that sexual abuse has in the survivors’ sense of identity and their ability to relate with others. She will also address the hindrances to healing from the trauma and equip and empower the participants to face those hindrances in a way that will get them closer to the person they were created to be.

Break Free from Anxiety Group: This group meets for 6 sessions and is for adults experiencing debilitating anxiety. Ana will provide education on anxiety disorders and address the ways people cope with anxiety that actually perpetuate the disorder. She will equip participants with tools and adaptive coping strategies to not only manage anxiety but take back control of their life.

Both groups require a pre-screening session.

Ana ofrece terapia en español.

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