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Jill EarlyJill Early

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Jill is a Licensed Professional Counselor who desires to provide a supportive, encouraging environment for her clients to address their areas of concern. Her naturally warm, nurturing style puts her clients at ease, which allows trust to develop in the therapeutic relationship. Jill’s unique ability to provide unconditional acceptance allows clients to put together the pieces and gain insight that leads to the change they are seeking.

Jill pulls from her background in education when working with students and families. She incorporates parent coaching, parent education, and collaboration with schools and teachers as a vital part of the overall treatment plan.

In her work with children and adolescents she addresses issues such as self–esteem, relationships, problems at school, learning differences, depression, anxiety, and issues associated with divorce, grief, and loss. She also works with young adults as they transition from college to adulthood on identity development, differentiation from family, career aspirations, and other stressors that occur during this difficult life adjustment.

Historically, Jill has had extensive experience with adult clients around work and life adjustments, posttraumatic stress, grief related issues, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

As a life–long athlete and collegiate basketball player, Jill has a passion for working with athletes of all ages: youth, elite, professional, and the weekend warrior. She knows the pressure associated with the athletic lifestyle and her goal is to offer support and practical solutions for common sport related difficulties.

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