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Feeding the Kids

Your Children Can Love Healthy Foods!

Did you miss the last Feeding the Kids workshop series? Have you heard success stories from the participants and are ready to see the changes for your family now? Anyone who feeds a child will want to attend the upcoming "Feeding the Kids Workshops: Raising Happy, Healthy Eaters". Sponsored by Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants, these workshops are for parents or other adults who want their children to grow upeating--and enjoying--a greater variety of healthy foods.

Feeding the Kids workshops provide parents with easy to use information on selecting and serving healthy foods, while maintaining a hapy atmosphere at the table. The workshops offer action-oriented solutions for common concerns such as how to help "picky eaters" try more foods, convincing children to eat their vegetables and strategies for enjoying junk food without ever doing it.

The workshops will also feature "hands-on" activities for finding the healthiest versions of favorite foods in grocery stores or restaurants. Everyone attending will come away with ideas for snacks, quick meals and recipe improvements.

Workshops are based on the award winning book, Feeding the Kids: The Flexible, No-Battes, Healthy Eating System for the Whole Family and led by Danielle (McGee) Mitchell, Registered & Licensed Dietitian.

WHERE: Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants, 1325 Campbell Road, Houston, TX 77055

WHEN: Friday, January 3, 2014, 9am - 3pm

Total registration for the entire weekend workshop is $125 per person and includes light snacks, a copy of the book with recipes, and all handouts for implementing the system.

Print your Registration Form HERE and call (713) 365-9015 or email heritage@heritagebehavioral.com to register for the workshops.